In the last two decades I have gone from using film to digital and back to film again. Starting off as a sports photographer I soon found myself forced into using digital cameras  due to the necessity of trying to take as many images as possible during an event.   My start as a film photographer has always led me to be more conservative with my approach to taking photos. Whereas I see a lot of my students using the "Spray and Pray" method of photography I still mostly find myself using single shots, trying to make sure the image what you get is the one you want, not the one you got by accident.   Doing fashion photography and also teaching in fashion photography has gently pushed my back to the world of Black and White analog methods.


Starting to use my Large Format camera and setting up  my own darkroom at home has opened my photography to a creativity that the fast turnaround world of fashion have mostly taught me to ignore. The ability to slow things down and take 20 minutes to take one photo gives the opportunity to converse with the subject and getting them to be at ease.  In the last few years I have gravitated towards using my large format cameras for most of the portraits I take, even when I take some digital photos too.  The inability to predict exactly what the images will look like on developing is a satisfaction in its own.


I want to explore portraiture and especially family portraiture further during the next year. Combining the use of my large format family with individual portraits of fathers and their sons will be an interesting investigation on the different generations behavior in front of the camera but also in interesting look into the hereditary genes that gets transferred from one generation to the next

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